Vans, History of the Californian Shoe Brand

Vans was born with the brothers Paul and Jim Van Doren in California on March 16, 1966.

It was founded together with partners Gordon Lee and Serge Delia. The original name of VANS was: Van Doren Rubber Company.

Paul Van Doren was the son of an inventor and a seamstress, and dropped out of school at the age of 14.

He was a very horse-drawn horse, practicing every day in the circuits and in the stables that he began to be nicknamed “Dutch the Clutch”.

His mother made him work in a shoe factory and it was there that he had the idea of designing a new type of boat shoe, light and that could adhere to the different surfaces of the boats without the risk of slipping.

The first Vans shoe in history was designed.

He came up with the idea of creating a brand that offered trendy shoes, referring to the Converse Chuck Taylor and focusing on the basketball sneaker market.

Let’s just say things went differently than Paul originally assumed.

In 1966 Paul Van Doren, along with his brother Jim and his associates Gordon Lee and Serge Delia decided to open the first store to sell the first models of their production.

The initial models were only 3 and the production was totally artisanal and made to order.

Prices ranged from .49 to 4.99 euros, the boxes on the shelves were empty and the customers who bought had to pass later to pick up the Vans shoes, which were mostly made after ordering.

This was the beginning of the Van Doren Rubber Company, which later became known as VANS.

The period of artisanal shop was short-term and the company expanded to have 73 stores in the late 1970s throughout California.
Why are VANS shoes so popular?

Vans sneakers are simple but at the same time unique shoes being made with a volcanic rubber sole and a thick canvas, makes the shoes very soft and comfortable.

The design is iconic in the shape of a waffle, further characterized by the Jazz Stripe, the side wavy band that is also the symbol of the company.

It has become the symbol of skaters, a real Must have for every skater in California first, then skaters from all over the world.

One of the peculiarities of the Vans was the non-slip sole that perfectly suited the needs of skaters.

Over the years VANS promoted top-level skaters such as Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta, but also formed a special bond with the world of music and film, making them increasingly famous and coveted around the world.

The most famous models of VANS

Vans SK8-Hi: Featuring canvas uppers and sturdy soles, the legendary high lace-up top also has reinforced tips to withstand wear, padded collars for ankle support and flexibility and rubber sole with VANS logo.

Vans old school: Vans’ classic skate shoe, and the first to show off the iconic side stripe, has a low-waisted silhouette with a durable suede top and canvas with a tab and padded lining and Vans signature Waffle sole.

Vans slip-on: has a low-profile canvas tomaia; the best known has the icon checkered print, but they are found with all kinds of prints and colors; Elastic side inserts, label with Vans flag and original Waffle Vans sole.

Vans The Era: Classic low skate shoe with Vans skate, has a durable double canvas tomaia laced with a padded tongue and lining and Waffle sole by Vans.

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